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Nend'spirit sàrl

Immeuble Le Raccard

Rte de La Télécabine 7

1997 Haute-Nendaz

Tel    : + 41 27 565 53 13

Mob : + 41 79 404 79 90

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Des séances de Personal Training, des conseils alimentaires, des cours de spinning et une meilleure hygiène de vie depuis que V. a démarré le programme. En une année il a perdu environ 10kg, il a gagné en force et il a une super forme.... Bravo V. pour ta régularité, ta ténacité, ta motivation, tous ces ingrédients mélangés ont donné la recette de la réussite et tu peux être fier de toi ! Merci pour ta confiance.


30 novembre 2018

Within 3 months, with a personalised coaching focused on my objectives, i really increased my physical condition and i lost 2 sizes of clothes.
Thank you Audrey for your  everlasting boost !


November 30, 2017

 A friendly atmosphere in the heart of the Alps


Nend'spirit manager

March 1, 2017



The Nend'Spirit experience provides you a wide experience devoted to physical and mental wellbeing. From the well equipped gym to the choice of different classes, from the saunas to the cold pools, you'll be able to enjoy a  happy relaxation time together with your mountain activities.

To improve your training, a badge system as being installed to let you train in the workout zone from 7 to 21, 7 days a week.



At Nend'spirit, 150 sqm are devoted to improve your strength and endurance. You'll find all equipment you need to perform your daily session.

Your pass or your QR code reader will get in.

from 7 to 22, 7 days a week



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